We’re in the ‘HALL OF FAME’

A Trip Advisor 'HALL OF FAME' award is hard to come by. First you need to be the very best B&B in your area and be recognised as such by your guests. This will get you a Certificate of Excellence for that year. Then you need to do this over and over again for 5 successive years. A tall order for any business, especially in the accommodation world dealing with people from all over the world with differing standards and expectations. You will therefore understand here at 88 Lodge we are just a tad cock-a-hoop and extremely proud to be awarded this prestigious accolade.

It goes with saying that 'as we've started we shall continue'. We seem to be doing something right, something different from the B&B norm, something so many have found to be the best of B&B experiances.  We will continue to do that special 'something'.

You cant go past 88 Lodge if you are looking for great accommodation in the Bay of Islands.  To Book your stay in this beautiful part of New Zealand just click

It's not many who receive ‘HALL OF FAME’ status. This makes us a B&B not to be missed