Waitangi. Now New Zealands top tourist attraction.

Waitangi is steeped in the history of New Zealand.  Not only that but it is located in a most beautiful area and has evolved into a ‘must do’ for any tourist visiting New Zealand.  Now allocated the accolade of Top Tourist attraction.


The recently added museum is interactive, impressive and informative. It has proven to be a most popular addition to this place which is rightly referred to as the birthplace of New Zealand.


Last night we were honoured to attend the re-opening function of the Treaty House.  Sometimes called the British Residence or Busby’s House this was the place where the Waitangi Treaty (the foundling document of this country) was drafted, amended, poured and argued over and finally signed by Maori chiefs representing the indigenous peoples and officials representing the British Crown.


The Treaty House was previously ‘museum-esk’ but with the new museum brilliantly fulfilling this roll the Treaty House has been re-vamped enhancing the original features and displaying the function of this historic house.  The story telling table finishes with a scene of the British Officials examining the Treaty document on the morning of the signing ceremony. In the background of the picture is a fireplace, look up and see the real fireplace right there in the room with you.  It really brings history to life.


Attendees to the evening re-opening ceremony were all given a token of acknowledgement for attending such an important occasion. A small ‘pin’ which we shall treasure for surely given time this ‘pin’ will form part of the on-going history of this wonderful place.


The Trustees of Waitangi, the hard-working staff and numerous local tradespersons can all take credit for a job well done.  It’s hard to see how this place can be added to or enhanced further but for sure this will be done and its place in New Zealand will always be at the very top.


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The Talking Table

The Treaty House back yard

The rose garden through the Dining Room window.

The kitchen range

The fireplace

Busby's gift to the Nation

Our attendance 'Pin'

The Treaty House gardens are just fabulous.

The Marquee erected outside the front door of the Treaty House for the re-opening ceremony.

Beautiful flowers surround the Treat House.

A view through the Treat House.

Although life was tough in those days the beds looked comfy.

The plaque erected by The New Zealand Government

Map of the Bay of Islands from the time.

It's not many who receive ‘HALL OF FAME’ status. This makes us a B&B not to be missed