Extra Special visitor to 88 Lodge.

The New Zealand Kaka is a native parrot that is on the endangered list, and a special visitor to 88 Lodge.  Yesterday we were graced and honoured to see one in our garden.  Please excuse the poor quality photos but we were trying to not disturb the bird and getting to a position where we could photograph with the sun behind us was impossible.  All the pictures were therefore taken looking into the sun and at some distance.

"The New Zealand kaka, is a large species of parrot of the family Nestoridae found in native forests of New Zealand. Two subspecies are recognised. It is endangered and has disappeared from much of its former range. Wikipedia"

We have included a photo of a Kaka from the internet so that you have at least one decent photo giving

a better idea of what we were looking at.

It was exciting and lovely to see such a magnificent bird.  At first we thought it was perhaps an escapee from the local Parrot Place in Kerikeri but they assured us none of their birds were missing.  Sadly there is no sight of the parrot today.


It's not many who receive ‘HALL OF FAME’ status. This makes us a B&B not to be missed