Reliable fast FREE WiFi adds to the accommodation experience.

Water and food are essential commodities to life; electricity makes our lives so comfortable in so many ways and these days access to communication is high on the list of must have's to ensure life goes on the way you want it to.

In our travels around the world, poor and often very expensive access to the Internet can be frustrating.  It takes the gloss off travelling.  This is not something we want our guests to experience, so we have done something about it.

At 88 Lodge we have installed a new WiFi set up which ensures our guests get the very best ‘communication’ experience.  Many enjoy wandering the gardens and sharing it with friends and relatives back home via Skype or Facetime.  No more having to sit in a Lobby, in your room via a wire, or worse still having to pay exorbitant rates for a limited time access.

One day all accommodations will catch up with 88 Lodge, for the time being we are pleased to be leading the way with high quality WiFi availability.


It's not many who receive ‘HALL OF FAME’ status. This makes us a B&B not to be missed