Bonfire Day – horay

I must admit to being a bit of a pyromaniac, and this coupled with the beautiful gardens of 88 Lodge means that every now and then I can enjoy a good bonfire.


Not many Bed and Breakfast accommodations have such surroundings, which do occupy a fair chunk of our time, but having a bonfire is one of the special perks of having such grounds.


I have to choose my day carefully.  I don’t like to light a fire at the weekends, although we are well away from neighbours smoke does travel. I need a calm day following a good dry spell.  A day without guests in house and a day where we have not got other plans that need our attention.


Today was my day.  Just perfect.  Chris has been piling up trimmings, and there was a fair selection of twigs, branches, and boughs downed by windy weather.  This plus palm fronds, and a visit from the arborist meant there was plenty for me to get stuck into.

A bonfire is such a satisfying thing.  After several hours of controlling a living fire whilst getting rid of so much stuff, enhancing the garden no end, I feel great but exhausted.  Glowing externally from the fire I retired to take a long shower followed by a nice cuppa.  

I'm happy, tired and now glowing internally.  Geoff

The only thing is that I can still smell Kippers

It's not many who receive ‘HALL OF FAME’ status. This makes us a B&B not to be missed