Another magnificent beach ‘found’

Another magnificent beach 'found' in Northland.  It is now over 10 years that we have been living in Northland.  During that time, we thought we had explored far and wide and had discovered everything that was best around us.  How wrong can you be?  Just last weekend we were out for a drive and came across yet another fabulous beach not more than 60km from 88 Lodge.

Even the approach road offered magnificent views to tempt you onwards.

It was a public holiday weekend and still the beach was virtually unoccupied.  Check out the photos.  Taupo Bay is gently shelving leaving a huge flat sand beach when the tide is out as it was on the day we visited.  At one end was a rocky shoreline that was a treasure-trove of rock pools.  These pools were alive with hermit crabs, anomies, fish, mussels, at least 5 varieties of sea weed, and all sorts of other marine life.

Now I am not a rock climber but suspect the rock outcrop viewed across the bay would be a pretty fair challenge with a pretty fair view as a reward from the top.

It was a beautiful warm ‘winters’ day, blue sky and the faintest breeze.  Just perfect for beach strolling. In the end we tore ourselves away but whilst in the area re-visited Hihi beach.


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